challenges with online class

6 Biggest Remote Study Challenges (and How To Beat Them)

Remote learning comes with many benefits. It allows you to have flexible study hours, learn at your own pace, revisit learning materials any time, access quality education at the comfort of your home on any connected device, and more!  However, remote learning also has its own set of challenges—whether you signed up for an online course or needed to switch to online classes due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.  Some of these ...

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Notes taking technique

Top 7 Key Steps for Effective Note-Taking

Note-taking in college can be intimidating. It can feel like you're under severe time pressure to do two things at once—mentally process the information and jot it down quickly. Effective note-taking techniques can help you retain new information and improve your active recall ability later on. Having good notes can also help you be more efficient and productive by allowing you to prioritise work and recall topics more quickly.  If you learn ...

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study maths with class mates

How To Learn Algebra

Remember when you first learned math, and it was pretty straightforward? Back then, math problems were just numbers obeying the same rules. Even word problems were still limited to known quantities. But then along came algebra, with letters instead of numbers, and that’s where plenty of students start to get confused.  Although algebra is a key building block for many higher mathematical concepts, including linear equations, it’s easy to get frustrated ...

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Study Effectively

12 Simple Ways to Help You Study More Effectively

Exams, essays, and projects can cause anxiety in even the most prepared students. There's a reason behind the nerves. Exams can be intimidating. Essays and projects demand a lot of effort. You should be able to recollect and express all of the relevant knowledge contained in your comprehensive coursework. And you'll need to do it in a pressure cooker. Thankfully, we’re here with some ideas to help. There are a few ...

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Notes taking app for Android

6 of the Best Note Taking Apps for Android

Your note-taking app is a personal space where you can scribble down brief thoughts, brainstorm ideas, make to-do lists, and prepare messages to send later. As a result, your Android is an excellent note-taking device: Android phones are incredibly customizable, and there are a slew of amazing note-taking applications for Android to match. A quick search of the Google Play store reveals a range of options that are well-reviewed, feature desktop ...

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Leaning Methods

The Pomodoro Technique: A Student’s Guide

These days, there are as many study techniques out there as there are students. With plenty of “life hacks”, flow theories, and other approaches, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There’s no shortage of apps and online tools, but today we’re recommending a low-tech approach. This is a time management method from the 80s, long before anybody heard of project management apps and the world wide web. What are you to do when ...

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How to learn a new language

How To Learn a New Language

Most of us want to learn foreign languages fast. However, the orderly progression of mastering a language—from learning grammar, to listening to audio—that we know from school and language learning programs is anything but fast.  Learning a new language doesn't have to be slow and boring! We've put together the easiest language learning strategies and tips to help you learn effectively and speak fluently in no time. What Are the Benefits of ...

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do and donts of online learning

Studying From Home: 5 Do’s and 3 Don’ts

It's now easier than ever to study at home or even take a whole semester from the comfort of your own home, thanks to recent surges in online learning. While this is convenient, it is also easy to become sidetracked, and distractions getting in the way of productivity can be a common problem for students. Not only is it easy to get distracted, but when you’re studying at home, you ...

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How to be productive

The Top 8 Productivity Killers for Students To Avoid

Productivity-sapping habits are a significant challenge for most students.  Just think about these numbers. 48.4% of college students believe they don't have enough time for completing their schoolwork. That's because productivity killers put a major strain on your ability to manage your time and get essential tasks done. This can make you fall behind on your coursework, increase burnout, and leave you feeling overwhelmed.  In this article, we'll offer you a quick ...

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Type of Learner

What Type Of Learner Are You?

Everyone has a different learning style, and certain teaching methods that might work well for one student aren’t as well suited to the next. Students learn differently according to their individual learning style. Sometimes, struggling students simply aren't having their learning needs met in the unique learning style that suits them.  Your learning style is really a combination of many factors including your cognitive ability, emotions, and other environmental considerations. Everybody’s ...

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