Is ChatGPT, Gemini Or AI A Great Tool For Students?

Every day, we hear comments about AI and ChatGPT. On a good day, it is about how great AI is and how much it can help students learn faster and better, revolutionising education and the way students learn. On a bad day, AI can’t even do simple maths and we end up wasting so much time adjusting the prompts in the little chat box, hoping that AI will unleash its mysterious power and return a consistent and reliable answer. Here comes the problem – a student, especially the younger ones, might not have developed the ability to differentiate between right and wrong answers.

If solely relying on AI during studies, there’s a risk of learning the wrong thing. If a student already knows the correct answer, it is pointless to use AI to “triple check” the answer. That raises the question – what is the role of AI in education?

When NOT to use AI during studies?

For younger students who are at the stage of developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, AI might not be the best solution in the long run. Younger learners need to develop self-directed thinking in order to create new ideas to solve problems and make decisions. It is not only an essential skill set to acquire, but also the key element to help students develop resilience by reflecting critically on lived and learning experiences.

If AI is introduced to younger learners too early, they start to build a reliance on using AI to solve problems and look for quick fixes, instead of building the quintessential qualities one needs as one enters adulthood and needs to deal with challenges in life – i.e. resilience, critical-thinking and creativity. It is important that younger learners learn the life skills to process information, develop logical thinking and challenge ideas. They also need to learn from mistakes they make in their school work so they can improve.

Should I use AI for my studies?

AI, in many ways, is a fantastic tool, especially when it comes to researching for information, or when students have a specific question in mind that requires answering. It offers structure and guidance. Its ability to research has been a godsend to many university students who are juggling between studies and part-time jobs, while trying to maintain good grades and writing numerous essays to meet deadlines. Suddenly, “googling” becomes inferior because “asking GPT” is a lot more efficient and produces better results. Going through pages of Google Search just to find some relevant information can be tiring with a high opportunity cost, and frankly the search results all depend on SEOs, Google Ads, etc. In a way, AI changed the way we look for information – it is a lot more organised and systemised. For time-poor students who pay a lot for universities and colleges, who want to achieve good grades, using AI to help research is the best strategy.

However, when one uses AI as additional help for researching, one must also ask oneself, whether AI is assisting you, or replacing you. If a student simply asks AI to write an essay, rather than simply using AI as a researching tool, that defeats the purpose of learning, going to universities, acquiring the skills one needs in a daily job. AI is a helpful tool, but don’t let it replace the purpose of learning, of going to schools.

What about Zookal Study’s AI-powered Exam Prep?

Zookal Study – HSC Exam Prep

AI should complement, not replace, a student’s educational journey. How can we make use of AI in a meaningful way in education? A lot of Education Tech companies around the world have been disrupted by AI since 2023, after the announcement of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Zookal, an Australian Education Tech start-up, understands the value of AI. It aims to assist students in achieving their educational objective, particularly in excelling in standardised exams, by creating a virtual exam experience for students.

Zookal Study utilises the computational ability of Large Language Models (LLMs) in the process of content generation, combined and fine-tuned with custom scripts, to create the Zookal Genius Engine. The Exam Prep content is curated by a blend of LLMs, refined by bespoke scripts, and insights from academic experts so that students who are studying for HSC, VCE in Australia, or Digital SAT in the US or internationally, will have a lot of reliable and trustworthy study materials of high quality. The Exam Prep content is aligned with exam syllabi and formats, designed to create a student-centric experience. It also makes use of LLMs to create a dynamic experience for users to get instant feedback, akin to what students would receive in a traditional written exam. This alleviates the need to hire tutors, as not everyone could afford to hire HSC, VCE or Digital SAT tutors especially in times of the cost of living crisis.

There are many innovative ways to use AI in education. However, do not let AI take away the essence of learning.

Zookal Study – Digital SAT Exam Prep Math Trigonometry question

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