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Australian University Life in 2022 – What Can Students Expect?

For students who want to increase their learning and employment possibilities after high school, pursuing further education is an easy decision. 

Many high school students spend their time wondering what it’s like to be a full-time uni student – what’s it like to go to university in Australia? Read on to find out!

What is university life in Australia like?  

Australia’s colleges and universities have a lot to offer, in a vibrant country with culturally rich cities and spectacular natural wonders to explore. Students at Australian universities can expect to be immersed in a stimulating and diverse learning atmosphere.

Even if they’re engrossed in their studies, students can often find time to socialise, enjoy the nightlife, shop, and visit new cafés and hotspots in the area. And, of course, when in Australia, outdoor activities are a must. Some institutions go so far as to transform their campus into a students’ playground, providing everything they need on campus so students don’t have to leave. Whatever institution you attend in Australia, you will always find something to like because the country has so much to offer.

How can I make the most of my university experience?

Uni life in Australia is a diverse and dynamic adventure. Though students attend Australian universities to receive a world-class education, university life is so much more than just academics. You don’t have to confine yourself to just academic pursuits!

International students gain more than just academic knowledge thanks to a vibrant campus life in which students engage in a variety of activities. They also explore the culture and approach to life in Australia.

University life will provide you with life-changing opportunities and memories. Let’s have a look at some tips to make the most of your academic experience:

1. Take advantage of library resources

Libraries can help support student learning in a variety of ways. Students can use the physical space to ensure that there are enough resources available to them, such as enough independent study areas, collaborative learning spaces, and additional computers or wifi access areas. 

Libraries exist virtually as well, providing helpful access for external, remote, and online students. Librarians can also help by sharing their knowledge with students through structured workshops or tutorials, as well as informal advice when needed. Library staff can assist students in finding and using high-quality information and resources, as well as boosting student’s study and research skills.

In Australia, anyone with a variety of interests and hobbies can enjoy university life. Thousands of publications in a variety of genres can be found in the libraries of most institutions. If you enjoy reading, you can visit a library after your classes have ended for the day. Study or read a book, then get your belongings and head to a local beach to relax!

2. Make the most of social activities

Fraternities and sororities don’t really exist in Australian academic life. Instead, you can join one of the many social clubs and organisations that host weekly events such as pub nights, study groups, and gatherings. They’re a fantastic way to get involved and broaden your network.

So, choose a student club that interests you and join it to try something new and meet new people who share your interests. If you’re seeking for more information on a certain club or society, you can always go to the university’s website. Remember to keep an eye on calendars or campus new announcements to be informed about upcoming activities on your campus.

Another important aspect of university life is experiencing local nightlife with your friends. They say you’ve missed out on a lot of things if you haven’t experienced nightlife throughout your university years. Since Australian universities are spread out around the country, you’ll have lots of opportunities to eat, shop, and learn about the local area once your classes are finished for the day.

3. Make sure you get plenty of down-time

University is frequently described as some of the most enjoyable years of our lives, and for the vast majority of students, it really is. However, living as a student can sometimes take a toll on your mental health. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the pressure of trying to keep up with your studies while also maintaining your social life.

When you’re trying to keep up with everything else at university, it might be difficult to find time for yourself, but you can ease the burden by doing something you enjoy to take your mind off of things. Draw, listen to music, or watch your favourite TV show. Even if it’s only for 20 minutes a day, mindfulness meditation is also a great way to help you relax and unwind.

It’s also important to kick back and relax on weekends after a long week of studying, maintaining numerous activities and attending classes. You could spend your time at home getting ready for the upcoming week, or head to the beach to unwind! Either way, taking the time to relax and rest for the upcoming academic week is key to finding balance not only for your studies, but for your health and wellbeing too.

4. Go for extracurricular activities

Australia is unquestionably a broad, dynamic nation with culturally rich cities and breathtaking natural wonders. To properly appreciate student life in Australia, it’s always a good idea for both domestic and international students to take the time to explore the country’s numerous offerings.

Though the majority of newcomers can be focused on their academics and activities on campus, students should also be introduced to a diverse and vibrant environment outside of their academic institution. Take the time to discover everything Australia has to offer if you want to get the most out of your time as a student!

Biking, rock climbing, hiking, scuba diving, and even fishing are all great options to explore, kick back and try something new. These activities are typically available on weekends and during semester breaks – see what’s happening near you!

Students can also have the option to take part in group sports, either competitively or to meet new friends. Basketball, cricket, tennis, rowing, cycling and beach volleyball are just a few of the most popular sports offered at Australian universities. Any of these activities are open to you! All students are welcome to participate and use these activities to meet new people and learn about the uni’s social life.

What can I expect in 2022?    

The Australian government is slowly resuming lessons for students on a risk-based basis. To ensure a safe re-start in all universities, they’ll follow ACT (Australian Capital Territory) federal educational guidelines. The Australian government plans to enable fully vaccinated domestic and overseas students to navigate returning to universities in 2022. An International Student Arrival Plan may be used by international students who are not eligible to travel to Australia without a visa (medical students and Ph.D. research students may also be eligible for travel exemptions on a limited basis).

University admissions will begin to recommence as COVID-19 restrictions gradually ease. The deadline for submitting an application varies for each university in Australia. However generally speaking, it is essential to apply as soon as possible to be considered for early shortlisting at one of Australia’s top universities. 

Where can university students buy textbooks? 

While having a good time at university is vital, so is studying. Your grades and dedicated studies can’t be brushed aside. After all, your grades will provide some of the best support in following your desired career opportunity – textbooks, tutoring and helpful student resources are all necessary for achieving solid academic grades. 

Following the onset and restrictions imposed by COVID-19, buying textbooks in person can be difficult or even anxiety-inducing. But here’s the great news – you can buy textbooks online! You can search for books by subject, educational level, or university and have them delivered to your home. If you want to save even more money, you can get eTextbooks for up to 80% less than the print version.

Where can I find online university tutors?

Following the arrival of your textbooks, you’ll need to get started studying and working on your assignments. We know that as a new student at any level, we don’t always have the answers to everything. We will, at some time or another, reach out for support from qualified teachers and experts. You can also do so by visiting Zookal, an online learning platform connecting students to fully qualified university tutors.  

All you have to do to get started is post a question on any subject, using a web browser or Zookal’s mobile app. It’s that simple! You will receive a step-by-step solution to your question in less than 40 minutes, from any of our 24/7 online experts.

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