high achieving students

The Best Study Tips From High Achieving Students

There's always something you can do to maximise your study sessions and improve your overall academic performance! And, what better way to learn something than from those who're already excelling at it? We asked some top-performing uni students about their success secrets, and they shared fascinating insights. Keep reading to learn how some of our top-performing Zookal Study users approach their studies to help get the most out of their academic ...

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student studying

Your Guide to Ultralearning and Self-Directed Study Time

Today, we’re looking at a pretty radical approach to education. Imagine mastering a new language, learning a new instrument, and getting pretty good at chess, too. You could approach it by trying a little bit of everything, taking an hour here, half-an-hour there and enjoying yourself in the process. But the simple fact is, using this approach you’re unlikely to improve much at all. Instead, what if you took it one ...

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Flashcards from Zookal Study

How Do Zookal Flashcards Work?

The Zookal Flashcards tool makes it simple to create personalised flashcards online, and to also browse cards created by other students and experts in a variety of subjects. This tool will come in handy whenever you want to test your knowledge of a particular topic, prepare for tests and exams, or save yourself the time you’d spend writing out flashcards manually. When study flashcards are used properly, they are by far ...

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5 Study Tips To Quickly Boost Productivity

Exams are a part of life. There’s no getting around them. Whether you’re in high school looking to pass them to open future academic avenues or a final-year university student in the last throes of education, they are integral in mapping out future success. They are also often a source of great anxiety for many people, with two-thirds of young people admitting to feelings of stress around exam papers. There is ...

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Study maths and geometry

How to Study Geometry

Introduction Geometry is one of the foundational building blocks of mathematics. Your first geometry class might even be the first real-world application of maths that you do at school. Along with arithmetic, it is one of the oldest branches of mathematics, with the Ancient Greeks studying geometry alongside philosophy in their quest to understand the Universe. In fact, we still use a lot of the concepts from Ancient Greek geometry today, ...

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Study maths and calculus

A Beginner’s Guide to Studying Calculus

Calculus can be both immensely rewarding and truly difficult to master. Calculus is a branch of mathematics that examines numbers and lines in the real world and maps out how they change. Calculus is one of the most commonly used fields of mathematics in the world, despite the fact that it may not appear to be practical at first. Imagine having the ability to analyse how quickly your company is ...

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Sports and study

10 Simple Tips for Improving University-Life Balance

If you're like most students, you probably imagined university as a place where you'd attend a few lectures during the week and have plenty of free time. These views may have changed after joining uni. Even though university provides a lot of freedom, you may still have other commitments, and it's easy to experience ongoing time stress. Time stress is when you feel as if you don't have enough time to ...

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how to motivate for exam

Beat Exam Stress With These Simple Tips

Exams are an important part of your academic journey, and it’s perfectly normal if you're feeling overwhelmed or anxious before the big day, or struggle to find the motivation to study hard for exams. Pre-test nerves are a common part of the university experience, and pretty much everybody experiences them at one point or another.  If you’re feeling apprehensive about your exams coming up and feeling worried about the test, you ...

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challenges with online class

6 Biggest Remote Study Challenges (and How To Beat Them)

Remote learning comes with many benefits. It allows you to have flexible study hours, learn at your own pace, revisit learning materials any time, access quality education at the comfort of your home on any connected device, and more!  However, remote learning also has its own set of challenges—whether you signed up for an online course or needed to switch to online classes due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.  Some of these ...

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Notes taking technique

Top 7 Key Steps for Effective Note-Taking

Note-taking in college can be intimidating. It can feel like you're under severe time pressure to do two things at once—mentally process the information and jot it down quickly. Effective note-taking techniques can help you retain new information and improve your active recall ability later on. Having good notes can also help you be more efficient and productive by allowing you to prioritise work and recall topics more quickly.  If you learn ...

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