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Is ChatGPT, Gemini Or AI A Great Tool For Students?

Every day, we hear comments about AI and ChatGPT. On a good day, it is about how great AI is and how much it can ...

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high achieving students

The Best Study Tips From High Achieving Students

There's always something you can do to maximise your study sessions and improve your overall academic performance! And, what better way to learn something than ...

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student studying

Your Guide to Ultralearning and Self-Directed Study Time

Today, we’re looking at a pretty radical approach to education. Imagine mastering a new language, learning a new instrument, and getting pretty good at chess, ...

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Flashcards from Zookal Study

How Do Zookal Flashcards Work?

The Zookal Flashcards tool makes it simple to create personalised flashcards online, and to also browse cards created by other students and experts in a ...

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Writing lab reports

How To Write a Lab Report

If you’re studying in the STEM field, particularly anything in the sciences, odds are you’ll need to know how to write a lab report sooner ...

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5 Study Tips To Quickly Boost Productivity

Exams are a part of life. There’s no getting around them. Whether you’re in high school looking to pass them to open future academic avenues ...

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Homework help homepage

How Does Zookal Homework Help Work?

Homework is an important tool for learning. It helps you revise and practice the concepts covered in the classroom. This, in turn, reinforces what you ...

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Study maths and geometry

How to Study Geometry

Introduction Geometry is one of the foundational building blocks of mathematics. Your first geometry class might even be the first real-world application of maths that you ...

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Study maths and calculus

A Beginner’s Guide to Studying Calculus

Calculus can be both immensely rewarding and truly difficult to master. Calculus is a branch of mathematics that examines numbers and lines in the real ...

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Sports and study

10 Simple Tips for Improving University-Life Balance

If you're like most students, you probably imagined university as a place where you'd attend a few lectures during the week and have plenty of ...

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how to motivate for exam

Beat Exam Stress With These Simple Tips

Exams are an important part of your academic journey, and it’s perfectly normal if you're feeling overwhelmed or anxious before the big day, or struggle ...

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challenges with online class

6 Biggest Remote Study Challenges (and How To Beat Them)

Remote learning comes with many benefits. It allows you to have flexible study hours, learn at your own pace, revisit learning materials any time, access ...

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Notes taking technique

Top 7 Key Steps for Effective Note-Taking

Note-taking in college can be intimidating. It can feel like you're under severe time pressure to do two things at once—mentally process the information and ...

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study maths with class mates

How To Learn Algebra

Remember when you first learned math, and it was pretty straightforward? Back then, math problems were just numbers obeying the same rules. Even word problems ...

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Study Effectively

12 Simple Ways to Help You Study More Effectively

Exams, essays, and projects can cause anxiety in even the most prepared students. There's a reason behind the nerves. Exams can be intimidating. Essays and ...

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Notes taking app for Android

6 of the Best Note Taking Apps for Android

Your note-taking app is a personal space where you can scribble down brief thoughts, brainstorm ideas, make to-do lists, and prepare messages to send later. ...

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Leaning Methods

The Pomodoro Technique: A Student’s Guide

These days, there are as many study techniques out there as there are students. With plenty of “life hacks”, flow theories, and other approaches, it’s ...

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How to learn a new language

How To Learn a New Language

Most of us want to learn foreign languages fast. However, the orderly progression of mastering a language—from learning grammar, to listening to audio—that we know ...

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do and donts of online learning

Studying From Home: 5 Do’s and 3 Don’ts

It's now easier than ever to study at home or even take a whole semester from the comfort of your own home, thanks to recent ...

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How to be productive

The Top 8 Productivity Killers for Students To Avoid

Productivity-sapping habits are a significant challenge for most students.  Just think about these numbers. 48.4% of college students believe they don't have enough time for completing ...

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Type of Learner

What Type Of Learner Are You?

Everyone has a different learning style, and certain teaching methods that might work well for one student aren’t as well suited to the next. Students ...

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