Is ChatGPT, Gemini Or AI A Great Tool For Students?

Every day, we hear comments about AI and ChatGPT. On a good day, it is about how great AI is and how much it can help students learn faster and better, revolutionising education and the way students learn. On a bad day, AI can't even do simple maths and we end up wasting so much time adjusting the prompts in the little chat box, hoping that AI will unleash its ...

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University Checklist

University Checklist—145 Essentials for Uni

For a stress-free first year, it’s important to understand what you should take to uni and what to leave behind. That is why we have prepared this comprehensive university checklist which covers all the items students at Australian universities could need. Check out the whole list of uni essentials and tick the items that apply to you. You can purchase the items in advance or when you arrive at the uni ...

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Getting ready for Uni

12 Tips on How To Get Ready for Uni

Thorough preparation is crucial for a hassle-free transition to college. From confirming your accommodation to packing for uni, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of things to do before going to university. So what must you prepare for when starting university? Here are the top 12 tips that will guide you to get ready for uni and have a successful university life. 1. Prepare a Student Budget The most important thing ...

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