12 Best Study Apps for Students

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Technology is continually making it easier for students to study more effectively. This means you’ll find a range of good study apps for students that will help you achieve your specific study needs—whether you want to stay organised, take notes, record lectures, revise, brainstorm, or get assignment help

This quick and helpful guide will point out some of the best study apps for students that will enhance your student life, and you can start using them instantly. 

1. Note-Taking and Annotation: Notability 

Notes on Animation

Do you want to access your notes at any time without carrying your paper notes? Well, you could be looking for an app like Notability. It is a note-taking app that also allows you to store information and organise all your course materials in one place. You can type or handwrite notes on a virtual notes board, sketch illustrations, import course materials, annotate documents, and record lectures as audios. Once you create or import your materials, you can edit and organise them as you please. 

You can also browse the notes published by other people on the Notability Gallery and save or download them.

  • Cost: Free, premium subscription available at $11.99 per year
  • Review: 4.6/5 on Mac App Store
  • Available On: iOS and macOS

2. Note-Taking and Task Management: Evernote


Evernote is an extremely useful app that comes in handy when taking notes or organising your research materials. Once you create your notes, you can add images, links, web clippings, to-do lists, audio recordings, and more. The platform syncs your study notes to your devices so you can access them from anywhere. 

When you want to find something, you can use the app’s search tool, which allows you to find what you need even in handwritten notes. 

  • Cost: Free for basic features, premium subscription available at $9.99/month
  • Review: 4.4/5 on App Store, 3.7 on Mac App Store, 4.1/5 on Google Play
  • Available on: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows

3. Scanning: Microsoft Lens

Microsoft lens

Microsoft Lens is designed to help you take pictures of printed documents and handwritten texts—such as whiteboards, course handouts, and receipts—and convert them to Word, PDF, PowerPoint, or Excel files. You can save the captured documents in OneDrive, OneNote, or phone storage. 

Scanning text—like certain pages of a physical book—using Microsoft Lens will save you time that you’d otherwise spend on writing notes.

  • Cost: Free
  • Review: 4.8/5 on App Store, 4.8/5 on Google Play
  • Available on: iOS, Android

4. Proofreading and Editing: Grammarly

grammarly app

If you want to submit error-free essays or any other piece of writing, then Grammarly is a must-have. It is an AI-powered app that spots mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc., and provides suggestions to correct them. Using the app frequently can also help you perfect your grammar skills because it offers concise explanations for every highlighted mistake. 

With the advanced features of the paid version, you will get suggestions to improve tone, clarity, style, fluency, and vocabulary to ensure you communicate effectively. 

  • Cost: Free, premium available at $12/month
  • Review: 4.3/5 on App Store, 4.1/5 on Google Play
  • Available on: iOS, Windows, Mac, Android

5. Productivity App: Forest

Forest App

Do you find yourself wasting valuable study time by constantly scrolling through social platforms? The Forest app is one of the best productivity apps to help you avoid such distractions and stay focused during your study sessions. 

Whenever you want to focus on your assignment or anything, you plant a virtual tree and hold it hostage for a set amount of time. The tree will either flourish if you stay productive or die if you leave the app during the study session. 

Over time, you build a forest that acts as a reminder of your productivity. If you want to avoid giving in to interruptions and build solid time management skills, then using the Forest app is an excellent solution.  

  • Cost: $3.99 on App Store, free but with in-app purchases on Play Store
  • Review: 4.8/5 on App Store, 4.7/5 on Google Play
  • Available on: iOS, Android

6. Organizational Study App: iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner

Istudiez App

University is the first place your time and task management skills are tested. If you are not careful, you could end up missing deadlines for assignments or other crucial school work. Creating and observing a schedule will make your uni and study life more manageable. iStudiez Pro is a planner that lets you organise your daily student life, from lectures to assignments. You can sync your events on Google Calendar or Apple Calendar app with iStudiez. 

Once you create your schedule, you can view your day’s activities and get alerts for all your classes, upcoming assignment deadlines, exam schedules, and other school work. Knowing what you need to do daily and what time will give you complete control over your uni life.

  • Cost: Free, multi-platform cloud sync at $2.99 for mobile version and $9.99 for PC both macOS and Windows
  • Review: 4.4/5 on App Store, 4.1 on Mac App Store
  • Available on: Windows, Mac, iOS

7. Brainstorming Study App: MindMeister


Do you need a great app to brainstorm ideas? MindMeister is a mind mapping app that provides a graphic organiser to help you organise your thoughts and create new ideas. You can create several subtopics as you explore your thoughts, use the available map themes, and customise your maps by adding colours and attachments.

The maps are stored in the cloud, and you can convert them into slideshow presentations. 

  • Cost: Free for up to 3 mind maps, personal plan for $2.49/month, and pro plan for $4.19/month
  • Review: 4.3/5 on Google Play, 4.5/5 on App Store
  • Available on: Android, iOS

8. Dictation: Dragon Anywhere

dragon anywhere

Writing essays can be time-consuming, but you can speed up the process by dictating the text instead of typing. Dragon Anywhere enables you to create and edit documents by voice. It is more useful when using your phone to write lengthy texts. The app has high recognition capability and voice commands, such as “correct that,” which allow you to edit the text if you make a mistake. 

  • Cost: One-week free trial, $14.99/month or $149.99/year
  • Review: 2.8/5 on App Store, 2.2/5 on Google Play
  • Available on: iOS, Android

9. Homework and Assignment Help: Zookal Study

Zookal Study - Home Work Help

Are you struggling with homework or assignments? Zookal Study, one of the best study apps for students, will come through for you in a flash. All you have to do is post your question as a snap or text and add any information you think is helpful. In a matter of minutes, you will get a step-by-step solution from a subject matter expert. 

Getting quality answers from expert tutors in a short time will help you save time, complete your homework hassle-free, and understand your course topics better.

In addition to homework help, Zookal Study has numerous study tools, such as flashcards, quizzes, and video lessons, making it one of the best revision apps for college students. 

  • Cost: 30-day free trial, $7.99/month
  • Review: No ratings available yet on both Google Play and App Store
  • Available on: Android, iOS

10. Computations: Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a calculation app that will come in handy if your course involves a lot of formulas and computation, for instance, maths, physics, and chemistry. All you have to do is type the math problem such as algebra, calculus and Wolfram will compute the answer. The app will also provide a step-by-step solution to ensure you understand how to tackle similar questions.

  • Cost: Free for basic features, a pro version available at $6.99 per month or up to $65.99/year
  • Review: 4.1/5 on App Store, 4.5/5 on Play Store
  • Available on: iOS, Android, Web

11. Academic Reading and Referencing: RefMe


RefMe stands for Referencing Made Easy. Do you find referencing your essays or research work to be a tedious process?  RefMe will save you the headache. You can scan a journal or a book’s barcode or search via book titles, and RefMe will generate the citations that match the required style. With referencing out of the way, you will have more time to improve the quality of your work. 

The app also has numerous educational resources that you can use for extra learning or conducting research.  

  • Cost: Free app
  • Review: Not available
  • Available on: Android

12. Focus Music: Study Music-Memory Booster

Study Music-Memory Booster

If you find yourself struggling to focus on your studies due to noise or deafening silence, you should try listening to productivity-boosting sounds. Study Music-Memory Booster contains sounds that will help you focus and reduce fatigue. The app allows you to select the sounds that will match your activities, such as concentrating, studying, reading, memorising, and meditating.

The best part is that you can use your device while the music is playing, and you don’t need to have an internet connection.

Working with such sounds playing in the background can help you remain focused for longer study sessions.

  • Cost: $0.99 on App Store, free on Android
  • Review: 4.7/5 on Google Play, 1.0 on App Store
  • Available on: Android, iOS
14 Days Free Trial

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