How to do home work quickly

How To Get Homework Done Quickly?

Mastering how to get a lot of homework done quickly means you’ll have more time for your part-time work, hobbies, extracurricular activities, and friends. But don’t just rush through your homework assignments. The goal is to understand your subject better, save time, and get excellent grades on the assignment. 

This article will guide you on how to get all your homework done faster without compromising the quality of your final work. 

1. Do Your Homework and Assignments in School

The goal of homework is to help you practice part of what you learn in class. So, no rule forbids you from doing your homework in school. 

You can start to work on your assignment right after your lectures. Take advantage of the extra time you have in your school day or stay on campus for a while after classes. You will complete your homework faster because the lessons are still fresh in your head. 

This is particularly helpful if you have a busy schedule after school.

2. Create a Homework Plan

If you don’t get your homework done on campus, you should create an after-school schedule. Decide the amount of time you can dedicate to homework every evening. Depending on the activities you have planned for your after school hours, the amount of time available can vary by day. For example, you can have 3 hours on Monday, an hour on Tuesday, and two hours on Wednesday. 

Once you know the amount of time you have available, you should:

  • List all your current homework tasks
  • Estimate the amount of time you will require for all the different tasks
  • Prioritise tasks according to the due date

You can use an online homework plan template, apps like myHomework, or a notebook. 

Sticking to the schedule will help you use your time wisely to finish your homework fast. It is also gratifying and rewarding to cross off tasks when you complete them.  

3. Find a Comfortable Space To Do Your Homework Tasks

Focus is critical for you to finish your homework faster. Your homework space will affect your ability to remain in a focused mode. While the ideal environment can vary from one student to another, choosing a comfortable desk and chair will work best for anyone. Avoid working while sitting on the floor or the bed. 

You should also identify all the materials you will use for each assignment task and ensure they are available in the study space when you need them. 

4. Minimise Distractions

Distractions are one of the major reasons for unending homework. They will slow you down and keep you from completing your homework on time. Before attempting any of your assignments, you should ensure that your homework space has as few distractions as possible. 

The most common forms of distractions are:

  • Mobile phone notifications
  • TV
  • Friends and family

Inform your family members, roommates, or friends that you need some time to work on your homework without disruptions. 

If you are not using your phone or computer for the assignments, consider switching them off. You can also put the devices on silent mode instead. Switch off the TV and any other electronic devices that can disrupt you.

Turn it off if you don’t need to use the internet while working on your homework. Eliminating the online chatter will ensure you remain focused and finish the homework fast. It’s just for a moment, and it’s worth it.  

If you are using your computer, you can install apps or Google Chrome extensions that allow you to block specific sites—such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter—for a certain amount of time. Such website blocking apps include Freedom, StayFocusd, Strict Workflow, Limit, and SelfControl. With some apps, you can even prevent yourself from opening the sites you block until the set amount of time is over. This will allow you to concentrate only on the task in front of you.

5. Use a Timer

Attempting to focus for hours without taking short breaks can be counterproductive. One of the most helpful homework hacks is to use the Pomodoro technique. It is an approach that uses a timer to divide the workload into cycles of 25 minutes. The cycles are separated by quick breaks starting from 5 minutes. 

To use this technique, you will need to establish the assignment task you want to work on from your homework plan and start the timer. You will go hard on the task for 25 mins without losing focus. Once your timer goes off, you can take a break of 5 mins to stretch, grab a healthy snack, or walk around. You should set a timer for your break to avoid taking too much time. Repeat the cycles until you either complete your homework or the time you allocated for your homework schedule ends. 

After working for four cycles, you can take a more extended break of about 15 to 30 mins. 

If you focus entirely on just homework for the set amount of time, you will get your homework done faster. 

You can work in cycles of more than 25 minutes if your concentration span allows it.

If you require background music, create your playlist early to avoid disruptions during your focus intervals. Make sure it’s music that enhances your productivity.

The Pomodoro Technique is also a good way of remaining on task if your work requires surfing online. 

6. Do the Most Challenging Tasks First

While it’s tempting to start working on the easy parts, begin with the most challenging homework problems. That’s because you have the most energy and concentration when you start. It is easier to handle the more straightforward tasks later after completing the challenging ones. Also, don’t get stuck on one problem for a long time, as it will ruin your homework plan. 

If you can’t figure out a problem, skip it and ask for help from a sibling, classmate, or professor. Make sure you don’t pick someone who you’ll end up chatting with for extended amounts of time. 

7. Be Attentive in Class

If you pay attention in class and read your course materials, you will work through your assignments more efficiently. Ensure that you understand the information taught in class as it is generally the context of your assignments. Use all the example problems in your class notes to solve your homework questions. This will enhance your ability to solve all your assignments quickly and efficiently. 

8. Get Help

Sometimes it’s hard to solve homework problems even if you pay attention in class. If you get stuck on a homework question, don’t trouble yourself. Seek professional homework help. You will get the best guidance from subject matter experts, achieve good grades, and save time.

9. Reward Yourself 

Consider rewarding yourself whenever you stick to your homework plan and achieve your goals. It can be anything from catching up with your favourite video games, series on Netflix, playing video games, or eating out. 

Do something you like whenever you efficiently and quickly get your homework done. The more you stick through with your homework plan, the easier it will be to get more work done with ease in the future.  

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